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Gallery 110, 110 3rd Ave. S, Seattle WA 98104

Hole In The Air: Creators in search of radical connection

Artist's Statement

The first step in my process is always formal: I become interested in the aesthetic merging of shapes, lines and colors. I begin with a rough outline of a composition, then develops details over multiple layers. As images evolve, the initial composition becomes infused with my emotional and intellectual perspective. Looking at older work, I can recognize the issues that were central to my life at the time it was made. 

In 2020 I set out to create a series of paintings that would focus on a single theme: the way I imagines my own afterlife. The series is still in progress, but my conception of an afterlife has broadened to include transcendent cognitive experiences in my current terrestrial life. 

In some pieces I try illustrates my conceptualization the dissolution, or absence, of my own ego, as a way of imagining my non-existence. Other pieces explore the way I have experienced visual reality when my ego was too broken to effectively organize perceptions. Every now and then, I indulge my life-long interest in nature and pure landscape.

Recurring themes in my work include transcendence, regeneration, and growth. I am also interested in examining the tension between freedom and constraint.

Recent Exhibitions

Recover Transcend Repeat. Solo exhibition. Gallery 110, Seattle WA. November  2 - December 2, 2023

New Members Show. Group exhibition. Gallery 110, Seattle WA. July 6 - 29, 2023


Negative Capability: The Artist As Healer. Group show. Gallery 110, Seattle WA, January  2023


10X10X10 TIETON (exhibit and catalogue) at Mighty Tieton Warehouse, Tieton WA, August - October 2022

Mt. Si Artists Guild Small Works Show 2019, Art Gallery of SnoValley, Snoqualmie WA, September 2019


Roslyn Arts Festival 2019, Roslyn WA, August 2019

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 

Master of Arts (1988)  Sociolinguistics

Doctoral Coursework and Doctoral Exams Completed (1989)


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts Degree (1985) 

Double major English/ Anthropology 

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